School Library

Our School Library was especially decorated by a local interior designer who created a very serene space for learner’s to use to sit and relax during break and lunch times. We have made effort to ensure the school has an extensive range of reading material within the library.  Our chosen school librarians allow pupils to take books home for a week.  At break times or Lunch Times the pupils are allowed to sit in the library and use it for reading.  This has been very popular among our KS4 pupils.

School Afternoon clubs and after school clubs

Year 10/year 11 students typically run afternoon clubs which include; Nasheed/Drama club, Debates club, meditation club, book club, henna painting, entrepreneur club. Afterschool clubs include Netball club with plans of introducing football club.  These are taken by players who also compete locally in competitions with other local teams.

Work Experience

The Schools Work Experience is a real opportunity to broaden pupil’s awareness of what careers are available.  Its purpose is to give each pupil the opportunity to experience the world of work at first hand, as well as to assist them in their personal and social development.  Our Year 10 pupils with the help of the teacher choose their own work experience and go to ‘work’ for one week in the second term.

School Trips

Our school arranges regular trips, not only are they educational but also enjoyable.  The trips are designed to support the curriculum.  We have found from experience that reward trips to ‘crack it’ and ‘escape room’ for select few learners helps to motivate learners and creates healthy competition.  Trips within the borough, such as visiting the Bolton Museum and Art Gallery and science fairs also help learners understand the curriculum better.

Career Events / Career Guidance

Bolton Islamic Girls School Works with local colleges and universities to ensure our learners get the chance to participate in Careers Events in our community, these are typically aimed at our KS4 pupils.  With a number of colleges, training providers and universities attending, it proves to be a success amongst our pupils, which enables them to have a better understanding in regards to their professional future.

From year 9’s, BIGS provide Career Guidance.  This includes an event organised by Manchester MET ‘All girls Can event’ At year 11, Career Guidance also includes a one-2-one session with an external career adviser, who will discuss options and the requirements.  Career Guidance is also incorporated with Citizenship, exposing them to skills they need.  At year 10, Work Experience is vital, as this gives them a chance to search, apply and work at a placement