We have a regular programme of subject based assessments as well as homework and class work activities. We ask parents to monitor homework by looking at the planner on a weekly basis and discussing any issues with your child or us as necessary.

At BIGS, we place considerable value on our ‘triangle of care’ recognising that close co-operation and good communication with parents proves beneficial to pupils’ progress.

BIGS gives all of our pupils the best teaching and learning opportunities.  We have excellent classes in a warm, friendly and professional environment.  Our staff always gives the best care and guidance.

In year 10 and 11, students and parents work closely with the staff and head teacher to help ensure that early intervention is present and all learners get the opportunity to gain the support they need at home and school to achieve the results they deserve.

“I believe home is where you live with your family, and School, Islamiyah, is where you’re treated as family.”
– Mrs Mariyam Pathan, School PTA