Admission To Year 7:

The number of pupils to be admitted into Year 7 at age 11 each year is maximum 26. We currently operate on a first come first serve basis. Parents are advised to inform the school of interest and attend the school for a meeting.


Application forms are available on BIGS Open Days, on request to the School Office or can be downloaded from our website in ‘student admissions’ tab under ‘About’. The completed forms should be handed back to the School Office where an administration fee is charged (currently £150).

It is the responsibility of the pupil’s parents/guardians to ensure that the school has the relevant admission documentation before the deadline for applications has passed. The school recommends that completed application forms are hand delivered to the school or, if they are sent by post (recorded delivery), the parents/guardians should ring, before the closing date (June), to check that the application form has arrived.

The Senior Administrator will maintain a formal waiting list of applicants. Unsuccessful applicants are automatically placed on this formal list. Parents/guardians are advised that as places become available in the School they will be offered only to applicants on the formal waiting list. Places will be offered to pupils on the waiting list as vacancies arise. The waiting list will be ranked in descending order according to the published Admissions Criteria. All places are offered on the understanding that there is an acceptance by the parents and the girls, of the school rules, a copy of which is contained in the Prospectus conditions under which pupils are admitted.

Admission To Other Year Groups:

Admission to other year groups depends on whether places are available. Parents/guardians can ring up the School Office to place their daughter on the waiting list and to make enquiries. Once a place arises parent/guardian will be requested to complete an application form. On receipt of the application form parent/guardians will also be asked to forward the relevant academic, behaviour, attendance and punctuality report to the School Office. The Head Teacher and Deputy Head will examine the reports and the pupil maybe asked to sit an exam. Pupils who are chosen will then be asked to attend an interview with the Head Teacher and/or Deputy Head. All the above will be taken into account when making a decision on the pupil’s suitability.

Click Here To Download The Admission Policy.