The governing body’s mission is to ‘provide educational and moral excellence’. In only five years, governors and the headteacher are beginning to realise that ambition.


GIRLS at a school which was found to provide a high standard of academic education have been praised for being “excellent role models” for young British Muslims. Bolton Islamic Girls School was marked as good in all areas by school inspectors from Ofsted.

Inspectors reported: “Girls present themselves as excellent role models for young British Muslims.

“They have a broad educational understanding, are enthusiastic, tolerant, respectful and aspirational. “They are happy in school and a credit to themselves.”

The school, based in Great Lever, opened five years ago by The Mecca Mosque to help meet the increasing demand for places in Islamic faith schools for girls.

Ofsted said that governors are dedicated to providing low-cost “yet high quality” education and have shown “exceptional talent” in fundraising to enable them to do this, particularly as not all are from well-off backgrounds.

The governors and headteachers were described as being “passionate about providing an excellent academic education” and Ofsted found pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.” It is consistently good and pupils are now leaving this school with high educational standards.”

The girls are described as “social and gracious” and “courteous and respectful” and well prepared to become successful learners at college and beyond.

Headteacher Dr Zakia Maqbool said: “It’s been an honour and privilege to be part of a project that has been running through the good actions of local people. “We are very pleased and excited with this positive feedback from Ofsted which independently verifies that our long term aspirations and ambitions are along the right path. “In a short space of time the community-led project with the hard work of staff and governors has achieved an outstanding result.

“This school is a wonderful example of what communities can achieve together. We are grateful to all involved, especially the parents and pupils who have placed faith in this new venture and have proven that they were right to do so.” She added: “We are confident that through the continued support of the community alongside dedication of staff and governors we will continue to produce outstanding results in the future. “The greatest achievement for us is being able to empower our young women to become role model British Muslims with a confidence to make a positive contribution to their communities.”

Pupils say they are looking forward to achieving their ambitions.

Head girl Samrina Hussain, in Year 11, said: “We have been inspired by our dedicated and hard-working teachers who have become positive role models and enabled us to learn that we can become confident independent British woman with a lot to offer society. Not just academically but also morally.”

Deputy head girl Aamna Hussain, in Year 11, added: “Our school ethos is striving for academic and moral excellence and we are really encouraged by the fact that Ofsted realised that we have definitely achieved this. We are proud to be part of Bolton Islamic Girls School and are looking forward to successful futures.”